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4 Amazon Closet Organizers we love!

It's no secret that we love organizing closets! There's just something so satisfying about starting your day with a beautifully organized closet. It can set the tone for your day and even save you time getting ready in the m0rning.

Here are a few of our favorite Amazon organizing items that we bring to nearly all our closet projects.

Nothing elevates a closet quite like swapping out all your clothes for matching hangers. It creates a streamlined and minimally aesthetic look, We love these Amazon hangers because not only are they pretty, but their slim shape actually saves space when you are hanging your clothes!

Whether you are stacking jeans or sweaters, acrylic shelf dividers can help keep your items separated and prevent the "avalanche" of items from spilling over. Our favorites are these acrylic shelf dividers that can be purchased in a 4-pack.

If you have shelf space, we recommend using fabric bins to hold items that don't typically "hang" on a bar. These might include workout gear, hats, scarves, socks and other accessories. We love these collapsable Ivy and Lamb fabric bins for their minimal look and perfect size for closet shelves!

Whether it's your closet or dresser, if you have drawers, you need some drawer dividers to help contain your clothing categories! These simple expandable drawer dividers are deep enough for most dresser drawers and stay in place nicely. We suggest using them to separate each category of clothes in your drawer (i.e.: pajama tops and bottoms, socks and underwear, leggings and shorts).

No matter the size of your closet, using a few products to help maximize your space can make all the difference in how easy it is to maintain your closet organization. Need more tips and ideas? Follow along on our Instagram account for more links and tips to keeping your most used spaces organized!


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