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Relocation Services

Moving is stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Let us help carry the load from start to finish to help ensure a seamless transition into your new home. Luxury move concierge services include organizing, move management, unpacking, home styling, & more by our professional organizers.

Choose from the following services:

EDIT-Let us help you determine which of your belongings are worth bringing to your new home.

PACK-Our team will pack up your belongings in an organized way and we will label everything clearly for a stress-free move.

UNPACK-We meet the movers on moving day and our team will work quickly to unpack your boxes and get you set up in your new home.

ORGANIZE-as we unpack each room, we strategically plan your space, purchase and bring any organizing supplies (if needed), and implement systems that are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.


· Hourly rate applies
· 3 hour minimum

Packing and unpacking typically requires 2-4 organizers per session depending on the timeline and scope of your project.


*Available to travel, fees apply


Our Process



We begin with an initial phone call, where we get to know the timeline and the scope of your project.  Next, we’ll schedule a thorough tour of your current and new home (if possible). We will go over the various areas of your homes and the needs of each space.  We will then provide a proposal with estimated costs.  Once you approve it, you will select a date and we will start planning!


Plan Your Move

Next, we professionally edit and pack your belongings in preparation for your move! Our team labels your boxes and bins for moving day to ensure that boxes from your old location move to the correct space in the new location. This process simplifies your unpacking and helps your movers get their job done quickly. Our team can also  help with decluttering and staging before the move,


Unpack and Organize

Once your items are in your new home, our team will unpack your boxes and begin organizing your home for your family. We will create organized systems in each room, right down to every cabinet and closet. As we unpack, we implement the product that works best in your spaces.  After we are finished, you will be able to enjoy an organized home from Day 1!

Our unpack and organize services ensure a seamless transition into your new home!
We can unpack and beautifully organize your kitchen in one day!
Louisville's unpacking and organizing services

Ready to work together?
Tell us about your goals and let's get a consultation on the calendar!

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