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Our favorite Amazon kitchen organizers!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it is often one of the first places our clients want to get organized. Since we have organized our fair share of kitchens over the past few years, we have rounded up some of our favorite Amazon kitchen organizing essentials below.

1. Drawer Dividers

Kitchen drawers can get messy with so many utensils and cooking gadgets filling them up. We love these expandable bamboo drawer dividers from Amazon to help separate items by category.

2. Clear Bins

We like to keep things simple when organizing. A few acrylic bins can go a long way in sorting and containing your pantry or kitchen items. One of our favorites from Amazon is this set of 8 bins that come in 2 different sizes. We use the largr bins for food and pantry items and the smaller ones for drawer items. They are aesthetically simple and easy to clean, making them perfect for kitchen organization!

3. Turntables

Turntables are one of our favorite organizing items to use in kitchens! They utilize space and help prevent items from getting lost in the back of cabinets. We typically use turntables for jars, condiments, and spreads but you can also use them for vitamins and medicine or any item you'd like to organize in your kitchen. Our favorite ones found on Amazon are these acrylic turntables which come in various sizes to fit any cabinet space. Pro-tip: Measure the depth of your cabinet first to ensure that you order the correct size!

4. Plastic bag organizers

If your drawer is overstuffed with a variety of sizes of ziplock bags and wraps, one of these organizers is for you! Depending on your preferred aesthetic, we like this bamboo bag organizer and this acrylic bag organizer (both from Amazon) to keep bags sorted, organized and pretty!

5. Deep Bins for Deep Cabinets

We get asked a lot: How do I organize my deep cabinets. One of our favorite Amazon items to use is these acrylic bins that are 16 inches deep. These bins work great in pull out pantry drawers, under the sink and in any space that has deep shelving. We use them in drawers to organize snacks as seen here:

5. The Finishing Touch: Labels!

Once you've organized, sorted, and contained your items, it's time for the icing on the cake! Labels help keep everyone in your home on the same page and create a system that you can maintain. Our favorite label maker is the Brother P-touch Cube, which uses Bluetooth technology to print labels right from your phone.

Don't want to spend quite that much? There are lots of options when buying pre-printed labels, but The Talented Kitchen labels (found on Amazon) are one of our favorites to use for bold, easy to read labels that stand out. This set includes 40 pre-printed labels that can be used on any smooth surface (like those acrylic bins we mentioned above!) plus 8 metal bin clips that are perfect for baskets and bins. They add a beautiful touch to any kitchen or pantry!


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