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Our Favorite Amazon Kitchen Organizing Solutions

A well-organized kitchen not only looks appealing but also enhances functionality, making meal preparation and cooking a breeze! Amazon offers a plethora of products designed to streamline your kitchen space, but sifting through the options can be overwhelming. As home organizers, we've organized countless kitchens and tried out dozens of products. To help you simplify your search, we've compiled a list of the best kitchen organizing products available on Amazon.

1. Expandable Utensil Organizer for drawers

Keep your kitchen utensils sorted and easily accessible with this drawer organizer. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this expandable organizer can fit various drawer sizes and offers multiple compartments for different utensils.

  • Our favorite one: Purawood Bamboo Drawer Organizer

  • Features: Expandable to fit nearly any kichen drawer, multiple slots for silverware

  • Why We Love It: Maximizes unused space and keeps utensils within easy reach.

2. In-Drawer Knife Block

If you hate clutter on your countertops, this in-drawe knife block is a great solution. It comes in a variety of sizes and safely stores knives while keeping them easy to grab as you cook.

  • Our favorite one: Vae-Fae in-Drawer Bamboo Knife Organizer

  • Features: Select the size you need based on the number of knives you have

  • Why We Love It: Looks great in a drawer, keeps knives easy to reach but contained

3. Turntables

Turntables work great in a cabinet for holding both spices as well as oils and vinegars. They help prevent the dreaded "avalanche" of bottles that can occur when you reach for something in the back of the cabinet and help make all items easier to access.

  • Our favorite one: URALFA acrylic turntables

  • Features: easily rotates and available in several sizes based on your cabinet needs

  • Why We Love It: Helps you easily reach any item in your cabinet, especially those hard to reach items in the back, with a simple spin!

4. Expandable Pan and Lid Organizer

If you have a deep, tall cabinet filled with pans of various sizes that feels cluttered and then this pan organizer is a the perfect solution!

  • Our favorite one: Expandable Pan Rack for Under Cabinet

  • Features: adjusts to hold any size pan or lid and you can fit up to 13 items in it

  • Why We Love It: Helps you quickly see all the sizes of your cookware and quickly grab what you need.

5. Food Canisters

Food canisters are our go-to item for decanting bulky items such as baking igredients, pasta, rice and grains and even your favorite snacks. Decanting not only looks good but also saves space by eliminating bulky packaging.

  • Our favorite one: Oxo Pop Food Canisters and Oxo Pop Cereal Canisters

  • Features: The airtight lid ensures everything stays fresh and the multiple sizes allow you to mix and match containers to fit your cabinet space.

  • Why We Love It: Canisters save space and allow you to easily see when you are running low on an item.

6. Deep Acrylic Bins

If you have a deep cabinet then you need deep bins to maximize the depth of that space. Most lower cabinets are close to 20 inches deep in the typical kitchen. To ensure things don't get lost in the back, we use our favorite 16 inch deep acrylic bins to contain items. These bins act like a drawer when you "pull" them out to access items in them.

  • Our favorite one: Mdesign deep acrylic bins (Tip: Purchase the 8-pack for the best deal...makes each bin around $10 apiece. Trust us, you'll find a use for all 8 of these bins!)

  • Features: Sturdy acrylic material and a handle that allows you to easily grip the bin as you pull it out of the cabinet.

  • Why We Love It: Store anything in these! We love to use them to corral food storage canisters and lids or small appliances with multiple parts.

7. Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers

If you have a drawer in your kitchen then you need these drawer dividers! They can be used for so many purposes such as simply dividing your drawer into categories, keeping like items separated, and preventing the dreaded pile up of cooking utensils and gadgets.

  • Our favorite one: Bamboo Drawer Divider

  • Features: Their springloaded form is adjustable to the depth of the drawer

  • Why We Love It: These drawer dividers are simply the easiest and most affordable way to organizer your kitchen drawers!

An organized kitchen can be a game-changer, making meal prep more efficient and enjoyable. These top-rated kitchen organizing products from Amazon are designed to help you maximize space, reduce clutter, and keep everything within easy reach. Whether you're dealing with a small kitchen or just want to streamline your cooking area, investing in these organizers can make a world of difference!

Happy organizing!


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