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Our Tips for an Organized Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be a peaceful sanctuary! Considering that it's the place you get ready each morning, the primary bathroom can set the tone for your morning and, if organized, can help streamline your daily routine.

In this post, we've broken down the bathroom organizing process into manageable steps to help you create a serene and simplified space. We will also be sharing our favorite products that we use in nearly all bathrooms that we organize!

Step 1: Empty and Assess

We always begin by emptying all cabinets, drawers and even the linen closet. This allows you to take stock of what you have, discard expired items, and identify duplicates. As you sort through your bathroom items, group similar items together into categories.

Common bathroom categories include:

Step 2: - Time for a good edit!

It's time to pare down things to only what you need. Go ahead and toss expired items and medications and then assess the items left. Your goal should be to only keep products that you love and use.

Avoid the tendency (that we all have) to keep something out of obligation or guilt (i.e. "I paid a lot for this specialty hair product " even if you never used it. The same idea applies to gifts-no guilt for getting rid of the unnecessary!)

This process will also serve to help you take stock of what you have on hand so that you don't overbuy during your next trip to Costco (we are all guilty of this!)

Bathroom organization

Pro-Tip: The next time you’re ready to purchase makeup or skincare items, take the time for a skincare consultation at Sephora or another retailer that offers these. This will ensure that you purchase only those products that you will actually use!

Step 3: Invest in Organizing Products that work

Before you put everything away, you will need some products to contain like items and categories. Most people feel overwhelmed at the array of options out there but we've got you covered! Here are our go-to bathroom organizing essentials!

  1. Drawer Organizers

organized makeup drawer

If you have drawers, we highly suggest you get a multipack of these Home Edit acrylic drawer organizers. We pair them with the multipack of these longer acrylic organizers for the perfect combination that can be combined to fit into just about any bathroom drawer!

2. Acrylic bins for your cabinets

organized bathroom

For upper cabinets (which tend to not be as deep) we recommend these Home Edit acrylic bins and these half size ones. Having both sizes on hand allows you to mix and match till they fit perfectly!

Additionally, turntables are perfect for holding taller items such as bottles of skin and hair products. Turntables help prevent the "avalanche" of bottles when you are grabbing something (they hold everything in place) and they also allow you to access items in the back with a simple spin! Our favorite ones are these divided ones from The Home Edit as well as these open ones from Target.

organized bathroom

Step 4: Zone Your Space

Now that you have your categories and an array of products to use, it's time to prioritize each category based on how frequently you use the item separate out the non-essentials items you don't use as frequently.

organized bathroom
(In this cabinet we used Multipurpose bins and White Bins to contain extra items)

Here are some of the zones we suggest you create:

DAILY zones should be easy to access (think top drawer, main cabinet) and should hold your go-to items (toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts, daily makeup and morning/evening skincare items).

MONTHLY are items that can go on higher shelves, in lower cabinets, or even the closet if you have one. Think specialty skincare treatments, nicer makeup you only use on special occasions, nail care, feminine products and hair tools not used daily.

BACKSTOCK items are the "extras" that you have from each category. Most people are often surprised to see just how many packages of toothpaste, shampoo and body wash they have purchased. Having a back stock zone allows you to "shop" your bathroom before your next trip to the store, saving you time and money! (Tip: If you have a lot of back stock, you can micro-sort this into the original categories (hair, skin, makeup, etc.).

TRAVEL ITEMS should go into their own separate bin since you will only pull them out when you plan to travel. Pro-Tip: Have a travel case stocked and ready to go so that packing is easy! Restock any items that you used up when you return from your trip!

CLEANING items should go into a space under the sink (use a simple bin or turntable) but only keep the essentials here. Cleaning supplies are another item many people over purchase so keep your go-to's within reach and put the rest into the backstock zone.

Step 5: Label Everything!

Labels are the icing on the cake, so to speak, for creating a system that lasts. You might thing you'll remember where you put everything but you will most likely forget! Labels ensure that there is a home for everything and that you know where to put things (and find them) after a shopping trip.

organized bathroom closet

Don't forget: Refresh your bathroom now and then!

You've put the work into organizing your bathroom, so let's make sure it stays that way! Organization is not a one-time event. Maintaining an organized space requires some maintenance so make sure to set aside some time to do a quick reset of your bathroom each night to keep things tidy!

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