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Relocation Services

Moving is stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Let us help carry the load from start to finish to help ensure a seamless transition into your new home. 

Our moving and relocation services include the following services:

EDIT-Let us help you determine which of your belongings are worth bringing to your new home.

PACK-Our team will pack up your belongings in an organized way and we will label everything clearly for a stress-free move.

UNPACK-We meet the movers on moving day and our team will work quickly to unpack your boxes and get you set up in your new home.

ORGANIZE-as we unpack each room, we strategically plan your space, purchase and bring any organizing supplies (if needed), and implement systems that are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.


Reach out today to learn more about this service!

*Please note: we are not a moving company and are not able to load items onto a truck for you but are happy to coordinate with your moving company (and recommend one if needed!). Likewise, we do not pack up furniture, artwork, or light fixtures.


                 Rates and Pricing

  • Initial Consultation: Free!

  • Project Rate:

    • Starting at $60/hr per organizer

  • Most unpacking projects consist of 2-4 organizers. Additional organizers are available for larger homes, quicker move-in deadlines, etc. as needed

  • All quotes will be based on project scope and client needs + goals.

  • This can be a house-wide project or limited to certain rooms and spaces.


*Please note: Any project outside of Jefferson County will be charged a travel fee of $25.

*Price does not include cost of moving supplies or bins & containers used. We will always take your budget and goals into consideration as we make purchases and will discuss details with you during the consultation. 

What's Included

​Pre-Move Services

  • Our team of organizers to help you through the process of deciding what to keep, donate or toss so that when you pack, you’re only packing items that serve you and your family

  • Taking items to donation after each session

  • Decluttering your home for a showing prior to selling it

  • Packing up your items in an organized way in clearly labeled boxes

Post-Move Services

  • Our team of organizers to meet the movers on moving day and direct them where to put boxes

  • Un-packing your boxes into each room

  • Setting up organizational systems that best utilize each space

  • Space planning & organization of closets, pantry and storage as we unpack

  • Custom labels for your bins and baskets

  • Styling and home setup as needed  

Ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation by clicking below!

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