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Welcome to Simplicity and Style

Organized Spaces for a More Simplified Home


Simplicity and Style specializes in home organizing, styling and moving services in Louisville, KY. Our goal is to help people simplify their lives and create organized, functional, and beautiful spaces in their home. We provide an all-inclusive experience from start to finish to create custom organizing solutions tailored to you!

 Whether it's organizing a pantry or a playroom, decluttering your home, or helping you downsize before a move, we are here to help! We will assess your space, determine what's not working and implement customized solutions for you and your family. 

Keep reading to learn more about our services or book your complimentary consultation by clicking below. We look forward to working with you!

Our Services



Home Organization

We organize all rooms and spaces including kitchens, pantries, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms and kids' playrooms. Whether you need help starting a project, getting one finished, or just need someone to come in and revamp an entire room, we can transform that area into a beautiful and functional space!


Moving to a new home? Simplicity and Style is your Louisville area resource for unpacking and home setup. Our team will unpack and organize your new home with systems in place to make it functional and beautiful! 



Styling & Decor

We offer styling and decor services to help update any room in your home. Whether it’s a new build, remodel, or a minor update, we are here to help you! We are always looking for opportunities that allow us to get creative and bring spaces to life.

Kind words from our clients

I am a busy mom of 4 young children, so finding time to organize my house has been a challenge! My pantry and linen closet were disorganized and full of unnecessary junk.  I often found myself re-buying items that I already had because I didn't realize they were already in my closets. Alison and Becca did an amazing job organizing and now I know where everything is and when I'm about to run out. What a time and money saver organizing my house has been! I highly recommend their services!


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